Letting go – surrendering to the Life Force (Mystic Magic)

Last week I spent at the Mystic Mountain festival in Lika, near Plitvice lake. I received so many gifts and transmissions from the people, animals and plants, from nature, which I would like to pass on. As this is how life works, how the life force moves, passes on the essence of beauty of being alive. It only requires presence, connection – connection to ourselves, from which we are able to observe the same life force in everything.

Here is a little story about the life force, about the energy that is present in all. A story of the Mystic magic. Which happens when you let go of the control.

We start with the intention, with focusing the energy, observing where it wants to move.

This intention was set sometimes around New Year, when during little ceremonies I was doing for myself, I received the idea of doing workshops at festivals. I did not even put it on the Vision Board. I received it and let go. Almost half a year later I saw on Facebook that Mystic Mountain festival will happen, and I contacted the organiser and offered my intention. And let go, to receive the gift of patience (one that was really due to be experienced by me). I was accepted.

Now was the time to set the intention, to feel what I am being called to experience there. I was unsure if I needed to protect myself by familiarity, but eventually decided I am going in for the adventure. I surrendered the ideas how I will get there and when, again practicing patience and staying with the sense of unknown.

I arrived there with a sister whose gifts I needed to receive – how to balance my needs with others’, how to be present with another, something which both of us practice through dance.

Festival was one big dance of the cosmic energy. The moment I arrived, I was greeted by another beautiful woman, who I taught previously about women’s rights and feminism. And by a beautiful young man, who welcomed me to my heart. I came home, home in me.

There were so many beautiful humans there who welcomed me to the different parts of myself. So many women in whom I could be reflected, so many expressions of the Divine Feminine. The path for connecting deeper with women was opened just before the festival by another beautiful sister, when we set the intention of opening up the space for women’s gathering, a place where we can nourish each other in femininity.

There were also beautiful men, and such a magical interaction of the Masculine and the Feminine. Some beautiful families, offering the gift of not loosing yourself in intimacy. And so many beautiful dogs, who were also given the space to be reflected outside of the relationship with their human(s). We even had wild horses visit us. And many different types of insects. And all the elements of nature: Sun gave us fire, wind gave us air, mist gave us water, and the valley and hills gave us earth.

My man also came for the weekend, offering me the gift of really welcoming him. (I could write a whole book about what he teaches me and how much I love him).

And I held the dance ceremony Manifesting the Brave New World.

Just before the ceremony, my contact lenses broke and I decided to do it without them. I accepted the call of letting go, of surrendering, letting go of wanting to please others, of wanting to be liked, of needing to help others, of needing to be in control. It was the best workshop I held, as I gifted it also to me.

There is no more need for a person who holds the space to be in the role of the authority. There is no more need for the ‘parents’ in the way we perceived them. There is no more need for doing it alone. There is no more us and them.

It is time for us to co-create. To dance that space of in and out, intention/letting go, me/other. Women there knew it. And many men saw it, really saw them(selves).

The feminine is rising.  Let’s dance this dance of joy and celebration of life. Let’s embark on the new journey.

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