The light that guides

The last few days, around the 8/8 portal, I’ve started to play with (self)control: releasing control in order to feel yourself. To be at the place of peace and flow (there is nowhere you should go).

Two amazing sensual wild wise women went for a little retreat, the retreat into our depths, into our expressions, into ourselves. The space that opened up for me offered me the sensuality to feel, ability to see, and power to express myself.

So, control, she showed herself up as well. But gently, not dramatically, with lots of lights around it so that I don’t get lost, lost in the stories where she dwells so well. She wanted me to see her for what she is, without the stories.

Seeing her puts me in a interesting place: a bit more of receiving, a bit more of pausing, relaxing, taking a break. Taking a breath. But it also raises fear, the fear of the unknown, the fear of letting go of control.

So, control, where are we now, in this moment? (I know you were with me in bed last night). The place of surrender, she says, she wants to go there: to face her fears.

She has the light to guide her.

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