Light, shadow and spiritual bypassing

I see a lot and I see it pretty fast. It has been my gift and I have really been using it, as my journey, both in my professional and private life, has been about understanding humans, understanding myself. I simply love humans. I am fascinated about the differences in experiences, world views, boundaries, needs.I see both the light and the shadow. The “problem” I have is that I don’t accept them equally. I still have judgment about shadows, or mostly about them not being seen. And then in my “attempt” to be more accepting, more embracing of the shadow I start getting confused whether these are the shadows at all. And while at one level, in one dimension, this all really is the same, I am starting to realise lately that in this dimension it is really good to be aware of the shadows, your own and other peoples’. And be ok to call on it.

But often instead I start doubting: is this really a shadow, or do I perceive it as such because of my limited worldview, my own shadows? However, in expending so, I notice that my own shadows start to expand as well, as there are no boundaries to contain it. I roam in the world outside my own body.

And body is all about boundaries, it what contains the Universe for us. As my friend just told me, it is the utmost spiritual responsibility of people to take care of their boundaries!

But in the “spiritual communities” I noticed a tendency for the boundaries to be crossed. I have met, and have been fascinated with, many people who cross others’ boundaries in the name of their freedom, who show contempt for physical reality, structure, materiality (including money and material possession). And generally have a problem with the first three chakras, including the different needs of others related to these chakras.

I dislike when in some “more rational” communities this is immediately labelled as spiritual bypassing. Not only is there the judgment and contempt in labelling experiences, also you can’t really name the things before you have experienced it, lived it. So despite the title, I am not going to rant out about spiritual bypassing other than say: It is time for me to get disillusioned and take care of my boundaries as they are in each moment. Time to stop questioning whether I could be more flexible, understanding, and get real about what I am at the moment.

I invite structure and self-discipline in my life. I invite my natural ability to take care of myself, to nurture all my chakras and all aspects of being a human.

This is what my hurting spine is calling me to do now.

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