Ode to the phallus

The erection has become a destruction

We need to live by new, inner instruction

The old ways are dying

No, no more trying

We need don’t need another re-action

But a resurrection

A new human intervention

Made up through connection

Conscious relating with ourselves and others

Respecting all our mothers

No need to fight for penetration

We are the source of our own pleasure

It includes the time of leisure

Productivity is not defined by your erection

There is another way to be

Yet we do not still see

We need to connect to the womb

Embrace our tomb

The space of endings and beginnings

We need to enter to the dark hole

So that we can become whole

And dream this world anew

We don’t need more erection

We need a resurrection

The old of us must die

Yes, we will cry

To make space for the joy

Joy that is part of our creation

We can become a new human nation

Of joyful beings

Open up your eyes to what you are seeing

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