Love and truth: the play between yin and yang

The last few months I have been on a journey of pealing the layers of myself, the stories I have been living with respect to love and relationships. It has been a journey of discovering of how the Great Mystery comes alive in the play of yin and yang, in receptive and active energies.

There is a capacity in us to being accepting for all that comes, without judgment, without putting good and bad labels, which we should nurture. At the end of the day, in our human lives it is not always all good and we learn from all the experiences, including bad. All of this is love, as the ‘new age’ proclaims. All of this, as manifestation of yin, comes from the Great Mystery, as Susanah and Yacov Darling Khan call it.

But there is also yang energy in us, in the Universe. There is also a discernment and intention. Responsibility. And only when we embody both yin and yang energies can we live in truth and integrity.

We can learn from being hurt – that shows us the places where love has not yet fully reached. That shows us the places of withholding. The places of hiding, where shadows want to be embraced by the light. So we need to surrender to the horizontal axis.

But we also need our intention, our power, our responsibility to pull us into the vertical axis. If relationships and actions bring us constantly back to these dark places where we feel like drowning, we might be disbalanced. Our yin needs our yang. We need to navigate the vast open space. The all-encompassing love of being can only fully be lived in human form with truth and integrity.

For this we need discernment and honesty. While judgment will only bring the feeling of guilt, discernment and honesty will bring us closer to love, truth and respect. We have the capacity to act responsibly, through our discernment of truth.

We have the capacity to see and feel all the little illusions, all the little signs of disrespect, dishonesty and playing. We have the capacity to live with integrity. That’s the ultimate love, love infused with the truth and respect. That’s the Great Mystery.

We are spiritual beings with the capacity for all encompassing acceptance where good and bad do not exist, but as human beings we also have the capacity to discern good and bad and act with integrity as every little deed, every little thought has consequences. This is part of the Great Mystery, the universal law.

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