Love v. fighting as a force for social justice

That has been the topic that has been occupying my mind, heart, body and soul throughout my life, but has come on the forefront recently in the context of dealing with very difficult neighbours. These neighbours have been harassing me since I finally got my own place, which I want to create into a peacefulContinue reading “Love v. fighting as a force for social justice”

Love and truth: the play between yin and yang

The last few months I have been on a journey of pealing the layers of myself, the stories I have been living with respect to love and relationships. It has been a journey of discovering of how the Great Mystery comes alive in the play of yin and yang, in receptive and active energies. ThereContinue reading “Love and truth: the play between yin and yang”

Hero’s quest – my journey to Mexico

In November 2019 I went to Mexico (city) for the first time. I was enchanted with all the colours, tastes, different physiognomy of people, all the alivness! And though I have never before heard of the Mexican state of Oaxaca, during this five days trip, I met women from Oaxaca, I ate Oaxacan food, andContinue reading “Hero’s quest – my journey to Mexico”

The magical story of how Pia and I found each other

I have always had an amazing connection with dogs and I had a few of them present (in different ways) in my life. The first one was Žućko, who lived in the village in Zagorje (where my mom is from). We loved each other to bits, but I could not have taken him as IContinue reading “The magical story of how Pia and I found each other”

Sanjala sam te noćas, pokazala si mi nježnost

Sanjala sam te noćas, Natalie, Nado  (tako te zvala privremena udomiteljica i to mi se ime baš svidjelo za tebe). Pokazala si mi se u svojoj ljepoti, ljepoti nježnosti, za kojom čeznem. Došla sam taman da se pozdravim s tobom jer su neki drugi ljudi dolazili po tebe. Ne znam ni kako sam te našla.Continue reading “Sanjala sam te noćas, pokazala si mi nježnost”

Covid measures and human rights: the blindspots

Last night I could not sleep – thousands of thoughts in my head and the feeling of anxiety in my body. Reading the facebook posts these days, I had a feeling as if we were at the brink of a civil war. I have been unsure what to do with the knowing that I liveContinue reading “Covid measures and human rights: the blindspots”

Prostitucija u “Slobodnoj” Dalmaciji: patrijahalni diskurs osude žena

Već se skoro deset godina bavim temom prostitucije. Ne samom prostitucijom, već istraživanjem fenomena (kao znanstvenica i osoba koje se bavi ljudskim pravima (žena)), pa eto mogu legitimno pisati o tome. Jer hrvatsko društvo onima koji se time bave ne daje taj legitimitet. Čak niti da iznesu svoja iskustva u relevantnim kontekstima, kao što jeContinue reading “Prostitucija u “Slobodnoj” Dalmaciji: patrijahalni diskurs osude žena”

Light, shadow and spiritual bypassing

I see a lot and I see it pretty fast. It has been my gift and I have really been using it, as my journey, both in my professional and private life, has been about understanding humans, understanding myself. I simply love humans. I am fascinated about the differences in experiences, world views, boundaries, needs.IContinue reading “Light, shadow and spiritual bypassing”