The challenges of our times have shown us clearly that our current social systems, based on entranced inequalities and exploitation, are unsustainable.

We have for too long lived in a world built up on dichotomies: humans/nature, public/private, heart/mind, science/spirituality, women/men, us/them, whereby we subordinated one side of the pair and gave a wrong sense of priority and power to other.

As old structures are falling apart, we now have an opportunity to re-imagine our world and create more inclusive and just society. The change starts within – what we imagine, what we think, what we speak, what we do, is creating this world for each of us, and through each of us for all of us, as we are all inter-connected.

Together we dream this world alive.

This web page is my contribution to re-creating the world through offering my dreaming, my visions of humans and society, based on my experiences as a women’s rights academic and activist, as well as a therapist and a spiritual seeker.

I hope my blog posts will inspire the readers to investigate their inner and outer worlds and embrace the different parts of themselves and life. It is my wish to support empowerment of humans and the rising of the feminine energy as a necessary step in our empowerment and creation of more just societies.

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Here you can find reflections on my inner processes and reflections on society. These are in different forms and styles, and some of these writings are in Croatian.

About me

Ivana Radačić

researcher – women’s rights expert – therapist – dancer